Google builds datacenter in Eemshaven


Holland: your digital gateway to Europe

The Netherlands has a vibrant IT industry and is one of the world’s largest exporters of IT services, ranking fourth behind the US, UK, and Germany. Global players in the digital space, including Microsoft, Cisco, Tata, Infosys, Huawei, Oracle, Intel, IBM, Verizon and Google have chosen the Netherlands for their activities.

Holland: your digital gateway to Europe

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"Space, power and a favorable climate makes Eemshaven an overall winner in data center developments."

Richard Kaak

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Green Dataport Eemshaven
Best data center location in Europe


  • Total capacity of 8,000 MW of electrical power available
  • Secure power supply at close range
  • Green energy power mix  from biomass, wind turbines or hydro power
  • Largest onshore Dutch wind farm (300+ MW)
  • Potential site for geothermal applications
  • Redundant energy grid
  • Greenfield business locations (320 acres)
  • Mild climate, steady wind force for free cooling
  • Landing station of global fiber optic submarine cable network
  • Dark fiber connection to Amsterdam Internet Exchange
  • Groningen Internet Exchange - hub for broadband connectivity
  • Direct peering, inter-connection and housing facilities
  • Pool of well-trained and available IT staff


Google invests about € 600 million in a energy efficient data center in Eemshaven.



Eemshaven has all facilities needed to support a reliable data center operation. The energy abundance in Eemshaven is second to none in Europe: over 8,000 MW in a power mix is available at close range of the dedicated data center business park. A total of 320 acres of greenfield land is ready to build. Add the stable political setting, the attractive land prices, the safe environment and  the qualified technical staff. This is why Eemshaven is the best place for your data center on the European continent.

Green connections

Green Data Port Eemshaven is situated in the middle of the largest  wind park on Dutch soil. Eemshaven hosts close to 100 wind turbines located each with a capacity of 3MW. Recently 2 new generation wind turbines of 6MW have been added to the existing turbines in the port. All these turbines add a significant amount of sustainable energy to the power mix, which makes Eemshaven such an interesting site for data centers. So also a lot of sustainable energy is available and it is expected that the share of wind energy in Eemshaven will increase in the near future.

Energy supply

The data center market is characterised by a demand for extremely reliable power supply. Many energy producers have already established themselves in the Eemshaven or are in the process of doing so, which enables Eemshaven to meet this demand and present itself as a highly attractive location for data centers. The region offers an excellent energy grid with a  power stations in the area. The average availability of the Dutch energy grid over the last five years accounted to 99,9943%. This incredibly high percentage is even higher in Eemshaven, due to the excellent connections.



Eemshaven has all facilities needed to support a reliable data center operation. Interested? Please contact business manager Robert van Tuinen (+31 6-22243300) or Wubbo Everts (+31 6-21518497) for the alternatives.


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